A mighty round of applause for Niket, aged 12, who won the Cook 5 2013's Grand Prize Draw: £5000 and an afternoon of cooking with Leon's co-founders, Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent. Niket has been cooking since he joined secondary school and can now dish up mouth-watering vegetable & chicken pasta and stir fry noodles for his family, to name just a couple of his recipes. During his cookery session, Niket dazzled Henry and John with a tender, peppered lamb steak accompanied by potatoes and crispy onion. He was then taught how to make meatballs in style: with a cream cheese surprise, served in a tomato sauce with herb salad. He picked it up like a pro, well done Niket!

Niket plans to spend his prize money contributing to the Food Technology department at his school and giving to one of his favourite charities. He will also treat himself to a toy helicopter, but put the rest away to save for his university education.

Want to try cooking meatballs too? You can find the recipe here. 

 April 2014's winner is: Ava

Inspired by her mum, Ava has been cooking regularly since she was 4 or 5 years old, but did once make bread at nursery when she was just 2. Now aged 7, she can wow everyone with her pie, herby chicken and sushi. She likes to cook spaghetti because it is delicious, but also has a soft spot for raspberry buns because they have sweet jam inside and it's kind of a secret. 


She would like to keep her prize money safe until she figures out a good way to spend it.

 March 2014's winner is: Rachel

Rachel is 12 years old and has been baking biscuits and cakes with her Mum for as long as she can remember. Being a pro at desserts, she likes that Cook 5 has challenged her to make savoury dishes and is looking forward to trying out some more. If her winning Tomato & Vegetable pasta is anything to go by, there's lots of deliciousness on its way!


Rachel hasn't yet decided how to spend her £100 but until then plans to keep it very safe.

 February 2014's winner is: Jorge

Jorge started cooking a few years ago, helping out his mum and dad in the kitchen. Now that he has mastered the art himself, the food he likes to cook most for friends and family is pasta. Jorge would like to spend his prize money on a new phone and inviting the friends who supported him round for dinner. He will be serving these lucky folk his winning dish, Caltezone.


 December 2013's winner was: Prasanna

Prasanna is 12 years old, and has been cooking since she was 5. From a mixing bowl, to creating a whole dish, she is constantly expanding her knowledge. The dish that she says has stayed with her forever is an egg-less cake (as she is a vegetarian.) She would like to put the money she has won towards lots of new cookery gadgets. Well done, Prasanna! 

 November 2013's winner was: Amara

Amara is 11 year old, and got a taste for cooking when she used to help her mum from as young as six. Growing up and moving from mixing and adding ingredients to knowing all her favouite recipes off by heart, now she only occasionally needs a little help from her little sister. 

Amara loves experimenting with new recipes and ingredients, and thanks to Cook5 has learnt how to cook recipes she's never tried before and explore new flavours. 


Amara would like to spend her prize on an electric mixer, to make her life a little easier in the kitchen. 

 October 2013’s winner was: Rosie

Rosie is now 12 years old but started cooking when she was 5 years old, making sponge cakes with her dad.
Best of all Rosie likes to make sweet treats like muffins or banana pancakes, but Cook5 has been great for helping Rosie to learn how to cook the evening meal.


With some of the prize money, Rosie is planning to buy ingredients to make a meal to thank all of the people who liked her macaroni cheese on the website.


Expect a lot of guests. Rosie received the most likes so far, with over 120 people voting for her dish. That is a lot of chopping. Good luck Rosie.

September 2013’s winner was: Ambrose

Ambrose loves eating as much as he loves cooking.


He has been cooking once a week since January when we made a New Year’s Resolution to have kid's cooking day each week.

He says his favourite thing to cook is pasta bake and he didn't really like the quiche he cooked for this competition because he didn't like the feta cheese. 

 August 2013’s winner was: William

William caught everyone’s imagination with his Surprising Spirals.

His favourite summer pass time is cooking marshmallows in the garden ... followed closely by watching Masterchef and enjoying Greg Wallace's comments. 


William’s birthday is just around the corner, and he is now planning to cook his own birthday cake.

He has decided (in about 5 minutes ... it doesn't take long to spend money) that he would like to use his prize money on a spinny chair to go at his desk, so that he can spin while he does his homework.

 July 2013’s winner was: Alex


 Alex first became interested in cooking using little bun kits and helping to use the hand mixer.

The penne pasta dish was the first thing he cooked by himself.

His uncle was an executive chef at the Olympic Games and he brought back an Olympic Chef hat for Alex and his sister. He loves wearing it and loved experimenting baking a cake with his uncle when he last visited.


 June 2013’s winner was: Lila

Lila likes cooking whenever she can, specially pancakes (sweet and savoury) - a new favourite recipe is with cheese and ham inside spelt pancakes.

She is keen on smelling and tasting herbs - chewing mint from the garden and picking rosemary from her neighbours bushes. She also likes popping cloves under the skin and smelling the garlic! 

 She is also keen to learn how to make a cup of tea by herself...but that may have to wait til a little later!

 May 2013’s winner was: Georgina

Georgina made the coq au vin for her dinner party. It was the first time so she was a bit nervous about serving it-  fortunately it was a success.

Her interest in cooking comes from her parents, who are excellent chefs. Her father particularly inspires her with his Indonesian dishes, and her mother when she manages to make dinner out of very few ingredients. 

Georgina intends to save the money and put it towards a cookery course. 

 April 2013's winner was: Beci

Beci won the third monthly prize for the most liked dish of Carrot & Sesame Burgers.

Beci has been cooking from an early age and credits her culinary skills to her mum, who she helps run a Facebook page to create healthy packed lunches.

Beci has created some delicious dishes including Calzone, Pasta and Madeleines. Well done Beci and keep cooking up a storm!


 March 2013's winner was: Max

Max won the second monthly prize for the most liked dish of BBQ Chicken Melts.

Max has created some fabulous dishes such as Chicken Tikka Kebabs and Tandoori Pilaf. He even writes his own blog to help young people to eat healthily and on a budget!







 February 2013's winner was: Laura

Laura created some fantastic dishes including bruschetta, gnocci and floating islands.

She won the first monthly prize for the most liked dish of Coconut and Petit Pois Curry.

Congratulations Laura and good luck with all your future cooking!