Strawberry Trifle

Name: darcy

Why did you make this dish?: 
Because it's yummy.
Make your jelly and add your washed and chopped fruit to this. In a bowl place some trifle sponge and pour the jelly over this leave to set. To make the custard cut open a vanilla pod and collect the seeds place these amd the pod and some double cream in a pan until its boiling. Take off the heat. Meanwhile mix your sugar and egg yolks then add your cornflour until a smooth paste. Add your vanilla mix to this stiring constantly (make sure you've taken out the vanilla pod first though). Then pour the mix back into the pan intil it's thickened make sure it doesn't boil or else the eggs will scramble. place this in your bowl with jelly and leave to set once set whip up your cream and pour over your custard. Spread out with a spoon and pour over some chocolate chips and place a strawberry or a cherry on the top.
Strawberry jelly. strawberries, trifle sponge, vanilla pod, double cream, egg yolks, caster sugar, cornflour, whipping cream, chocolate chips, cherry.