About Leon

Leon is a restaurant group specializing in healthy, seasonal, locally sourced fast food. What fuels us is the belief that food should taste good and do you good. And that everyone should be able to enjoy it. To do this, we’ve set about trying to change the face of fast food.

Our food is naturally full of flavour, full of goodness, and from people we know we like. We often cook with seasonal ingredients, olive oil and fresh herbs and spices.

We only buy meat from farms that we trust; we visit them regularly and have received an award from the RSPCA for the care we take in our sourcing. We are fans of naturally low-GI food so we make our brownies with dark Valrhona chocolate; instead of flour we use ground almonds and instead of ordinary sugar we use fruit sugar. We believe you can have your cake and eat it.

To find out more visit www.leonrestaurants.co.uk